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An Itinerary for a Place in the Land of Gods

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Hey explorer, 

This time, we are going to the Land of Gods - Himachal Pradesh, the brother state, to our last trip state, Punjab, where they share the same capital.

Our last trip to Abohar treated us with both expected and unexpected cases but left us with the best moments - spending time with the locals and tasting their flavoured food.

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The beautiful landscapes, clear waters flowing through rivers, clear skies, and adventure spirits going up in this rural part of Himachal, Bir, made us extend our dates.

Here is your complete travel guide to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Why Bir?

Imagine the struggles you usually go through before choosing a place to visit - from checking the temperatures to looking for things to do. 

Even today, "When is the best time to visit XYZ?" is still one of the most Googled questions. But what if I tell you that you can directly travel to a place without such prior hassle? 

Imagine walking on the highest peaks - rolling curvy hills, green fields, dense forests, clean rivers, and where the temperature is moderate. Wait, that's only about summer. The winters here make your childhood dreams of playing in the snow a reality. 

It's a place where time slows down, and the soul finds solace in nature's beauty. As you step into Bir, you are not just entering another new place. You're stepping into a series of experiences waiting to unfold.

Basic Information


Bir's history is like a cloth woven with threads of ancient traditions and modern influences. This rural village traces its roots back to times when folklore and legends were born in the cradle of the Himalayas. 

Since then, the town or a rural village has evolved so much through the ages, seeing the ebb and flow of empires and the gentle passage of time, preserving its cultural heritage with pride.


Nestled in the lap of the Dhauladhar Range at 1,525 metres, Bir is one of those beautiful places with green meadows to give you peace, dense forests to boost your spirits, and clean rivers to calm you down. 

The nature around you is just a witness to tell you that your journey here will go beyond what you thought. Whether you need an adventure or a peaceful retreat, Bir is your go-to place. 

Did you know?

90% of the population here lives in rural parts of the state. Imagine how better your mood becomes after you visit a non-polluted place.

Local Culture

Do you know what makes small towns and rural areas more special? Not fewer crowds, definitely. It's the local's ability to carry forward traditions and cultures dating back centuries. Bir is one of those places. 

From vibrant festivals that light up the town to traditional arts and crafts that tell stories of generations, the local culture reflects the strength and warmth of the people living here. 

Did you know?

Nati, the traditional dance of Himachal Pradesh, has been listed in the Gunnies World Records Book as the most extensive folk dance.

Language Used

Let the rural population ratio not fool you because most people here can understand both international and national languages, English and Hindi, even if Kangri is their native and dominant language in the state

However, the melodious tones of Kangri welcome you to the place as it echoes through the narrow lanes of Bir. The charm of Kangri lies in its ability to connect you with the heartbeat of the community. 

Did you know?

82.80% is the literacy rate of Himachalis, even if most prefer to stay in rural areas. HP is one of those rare states that promotes education. 

Climatic Conditions

Bir experiences a moderate climate that adds to its charm as a year-round destination. Summers are mild, offering a pleasant escape from the heat, while winters transform the landscape into a snowy wonderland. 

Each season brings a unique charm, inviting people to witness the town's beauty in different hues. So, the best time to visit this part of India is January through December

To-Do Information

Must-Do Things

A rural place or a small town in Himachal Pradesh means a long list of things available to do. Some of the activities you should never miss are:

  • Paragliding from Billing

Bir is one of the world's premier paragliding sites. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings, including the Himalayas, as you fly through the blue skies.

  • Explore Tibetan Monasteries

Holding a history of the Tibetans, Bir is also home to Tibetan Monasteries. Immerse yourself in spirituality by visiting the Sherabling and Chokling Monastery. 

  • Bir Billing Arts and Music Festival

Attend the annual Bir Billing Arts and Music Festival held in the village of Gunehar. You will see the best local and international artists in music, art, and more. 

  • Tea Tasting at Bir Tea Factory

Getting to see the tea processing in the northern states is a rare sight. So, enjoy the journey from leaf to cup and taste various local flavours at Bir Tea Factory. 

Places to Visit Nearby

Although Bir can treat you with some of the best adventurous activities, there are some things the surroundings provide you that Bir does not, including:

  • Gunehar Village

With 1.5 km away, Gunehar is a retro town known for its vibrant culture and the Bir Billing Arts and Music Festival. Explore the artistic vibe of this village.

  • Tibetan Colony

Located away at 2.9 km, experience the charm of the Tibetan Colony, where colourful prayer flags beat in the mountain breeze in deep Tibetan culture. 

  • Baijnath Temple

Away from 12.7 km, Bajinath is a town near Bir with one of the ancient temples, Baijnath Temple, dating back to the 13th century. Enjoy some peace coming here. 

  • Dharmalaya Institute

Distanced at 4.1 km, visit Dharmalaya Institute to learn some spiritual retreats and sustainable living practices, surrounded by the serene landscapes of the Kangra Valley.

Travel Itinerary


Understand that Bir is a rural area or a small town, and it doesn't have many transportation facilities other than the roadways. Yet, you can access more travel ways from the major towns nearest cities.

  • By Air

The nearest airport to Bir is in Kangra, approximately 70 kilometres away. Then, you must either hire a taxi or use local transportation for a scenic landscape drive to Bir. 

  • By Train

If you prefer train travel, the nearest railway station is in Pathankot, about 140 kilometres from Bir. Again, you must hire a cab or take a bus to reach Bir. But it's all worth it for picturesque views.

  • By Road

Bir is well-connected by road, with buses and taxis available from major nearby cities like Dharamshala and Manali. A road trip to Bir offers stunning landscapes and winding mountain roads. 

The local bus fares from Dharmashala and Manali to Bir start from ₹300 and ₹400, respectively. 


Even if Bir is relatively small in area and does not receive more people like Manali and Dharmashala, it still has some of the best budget-friendly hotels to provide for your stay, like:

Bir Camps - ₹976 (excluding taxes)/night for 2 adults

- It is a 4.4-star rating hotel. 
- They provide free parking spaces.
- They offer a caretaker and bonfire. 

Chokling Arthouse - ₹1,520 (excluding taxes)/night for 2 adults

- It is a 4.4-star rating hotel.
- They provide free wifi and parking.
- They have indoor games and a restaurant within. 

The Trippy Tribe - ₹1,735 (excluding taxes)/night for 2 adults

- It is a 4.4-star rating hotel.
- They give you free wifi and parking. 
- They provide a caretaker and lounge. 

Travel Expenses

Bir is a budget-friendly destination, with daily expenses varying based on accommodation choices and dining preferences. On average, a budget traveller can expect to spend between ₹1000 to ₹2000 per day, while mid-range travellers may spend ₹2500 to ₹4000.

If paragliding is on your agenda, plan for an additional expense of around ₹2500 to ₹3500 for an adventurous paragliding session, including professional guidance and equipment.

Local Food 

Food choices within India are just as diverse as the traditions and cultures that vary from state to state. So, there is no better time to enjoy the north Indian Himachali-flavoured food than when you are here. Some food stalls with local flavours are:

Ara Cafe - Best for Himachali Thali
Vairagi Cafe - Best for Indian breakfasts and beverages
Musafir Cafe - Best for beverages and chat items

Travel Tips

  • Local Etiquette: Enjoy the local culture by greeting locals with a warm "Tashi Delek." Respect the traditions and religious sites. Also, you must wear appropriate clothes when visiting monasteries.

  • Weather Preparedness: Pack according to the season of your visit. Summers are mild, but winter temperatures can drop significantly. Bring layers and warm clothing, especially if you plan to explore higher altitudes.

  • Walking Shoes: The charm of Bir lies in its narrow lanes and hidden gems. You must wear comfortable walking shoes to explore the town and its surrounding areas.

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Bir promotes sustainable living. Reduce your ecological footprint by using reusable items, supporting local businesses, and participating in eco-friendly initiatives offered by places like the Dharmalaya Institute.


Your journey to the rural part of Himachal Pradesh, Bir, is a mix of history, nature, and culture. This untouched beauty outstands the ordinary with its paragliding thrills, spiritual sanctuaries, and cultural treasures. 

Bir is more than a destination. It's a heartfelt invitation to connect with the essence of life. As you step into the adventurous and lush green cliffs, Bir leaves an unforgettable mark on your experiences. 

Thought to Inspire 🏃‍♂️

Travel brings power and love back into your life.” - Rumi Jalalud-Din

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