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The other day, I was going through one of the most popular states of India, Gujarat. After hours of surfing, I understood that this state, in particular, has so many places to explore and needs more time to enjoy each.

However, I also saw that each of these famous places can sometimes get packed with people, but what if I need to enjoy my break in a calm and quiet state? As I was thinking, one of our readers sent us this. 

With a broad smile, I came across Saputara and felt something unique about it. Here's everything you must know about it. 

Why Saputara?

Can you imagine living in a popular place and finding a spot without more crowds and noise? It's merely impossible. Although this popularity might be good for writing on paper, the locals might get tired of it eventually. 

Yearning for a break from the scorching plains? Craving a breath of fresh air amidst captivating landscapes? 

Look no further than Saputara. Nestled in the presence of the Sahyadri mountains, Saputara offers a unique blend of serenity, adventure, and cultural immersion just like you need finally to get some peace of mind and spend time away from bustling crowds. 

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Saputara has a rich history dating back to ancient times when people believed it was the abode of serpents. Hence, the name "Saputara" has been given to it, meaning the 'Abode of Serpents'. 

Sitting at 900 meters above sea level in the Western Ghats, imagine how great the views of the surroundings might be - lush forests, rolling hills, and fresh lakes. The best? It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its biodiversity and scenic beauty.

Over the centuries, various communities lived here, including tribal groups like the Bhil and Gamit, each leaving a mark on Saputara's cultural aspects. These tribal people celebrate their festivals vibrantly through traditional dances like Tarpa and Dangi, and a lot more. 

While Gujarati is the predominant language, you can still hear people speaking English and Hindi, especially in most tourist places. Below are a few daily Gujarati phrases you might want to know to bridge the communication gap.  

- Kem chho? ( કેમ છો? ) - How are you? (Informal)
- Maja ma aa chho? ( મજા મા આ છો? ) - Are you having fun? (Informal)
- Shu khabar? ( શું ખબર? ) - What's the news? (Informal)
- Saar / Madam, Suprabhaat ( સાર / મેડમ, સુપ્રભાત ) - Good morning (Formal)
- Saanjh mangal ( સાંજ મંગલ ) - Good evening
- Shubh raatri ( શુભ રાત્રિ ) - Good night
- Khaar maaro ( ખાઉં છું ) - I am eating (informal)
- Paneer khaasu chhe (ખાસું છું ) - I want to have paneer
- Aabhar ( આભાર ) - Thank you 
- Kari ne aavshay ( કરી ને આવશ્ય ) - You are welcome
- Samosa Thepla che? ( थेપલા છે? ) - Do you have samosa?
- Maadi bill mangvu chhu (મારી બિલ મંગાવું છું ) - I would like the bill 
- Hu Gujarat ma chhu ( હું ગુજરાત મા છું ) - I am in Gujarat
- Shauchalay khaa che? (શૌચાલય ક્યાં છે? ) - Where is the toilet?
- Kem motene aavya? ( કેમ મોટા આવ્યા? ) - Why are you late?

This only hill station in Gujarat enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, with cool summers and chilly winters. Monsoons bring heavy rainfall. The winter, from October to February, is so popular among tourists

Discovery Checklist 

I know Gujarat is a well-known Indian state across countries for its unique tourist sites, and there are so many famous places to visit and things you can do. Yet, when you carve for some quieter and nature-theme-based places, Saputara must be on your list. 

How can Saputara satisfy your travel spirits? Check out what you must do in this hilly area to boost your experiences. 

- Hike along the Governor's Hill Trail for breathtaking views.
- Take a refreshing boat ride on a peaceful Saputara Lake.
- Explore the rich culture at the Saputara Tribal Museum
- Participate in paragliding, ziplining, or ropeway rides.  

And the nearby places you must visit are:

- Gira Falls (2 Km away)
- Hathgadh Fort (5 Km approx)
- Vansda National Park (about 52 Km)

While enjoying the quiet and beautiful streets of Saputara, do not forget to buy tribal handicrafts like handwoven textiles, pottery and wooden artefacts, honey, and Warli paintings as a reminder of your Saputara trip. 

Travel Itinerary

Note: This is a general itinerary, combining cultural experiences and adventure. It provides a well-rounded exploration of this hidden gem. You can make adjustments as per your preferences, local events, and weather conditions.

A Guide to WH Questions


- By Road: Saputara has road connectivity to major cities in Gujarat and neighbouring states like Maharashtra. You can drive your own vehicle, hire a taxi, or take a comfortable public transport bus.
- By Train: The nearest railway station is Waghai, 58 Km from Saputara. From Waghai, you can get into a taxi or pre-book a cab for a smooth onward journey.
- By Air: The nearest airport to Saputara is Nashik Airport (ISK) at 54.1 Km. However, it might not be the most convenient option since there are limited flight connections. The better option, in this case, is Surat Airport (STV) at 172 Km away.


Saputara is more or less like a town. Therefore, you can find stay and eatery options on the mountain. Check out some of these options. 

  • Hotels 

- Manas Homestay - It's a 3.8-star rating hotel. 
- Ambika Valley Resort - It's a 4.1-star rating hotel.
- Hotel Anando - It's a 3-star hotel. 

  • Eateries

- On Sai Veg Restaurant - Best for all veg foods. 
- Shital Kathuyawadi Restaurant - Best for lunch and dinner. 
- Red Chilly Nonveg - Best for all types of nonveg items. 

Nope, your trip to Saputara is complete without tasting these local delicacies. Here are some must-try dishes:

- Gujarati Thali: A vegetarian sampler platter featuring Dhokla (savoury chickpea flour cake), Thepla (flatbread), Daal Baati (pulses with a hard wheat bread), and a variety of curries and vegetables.
- Surti Undhiyu: It's a vegetable stew with a medley of winter vegetables cooked with peanuts and spices.
- Sev Tamatar ki Sabzi: It's a tangy dish made with tomato gravy and crispy fried gram noodles.
- Lilva Kachori: It's a deep-fried pastry filled with sweet and tangy lentil stuffing.

Travel Tips

- Plan your trip when the weather is pleasant. 
- Walk through the local Saturday market for souvenirs. 
- Pack light woollens for evenings, especially during winter. 
- Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for sunny days.
- Bargain the prices gently (although not everything is negotiable).

Safety Tips

- As with any tourist destination, keep an eye on your belongings. 
- Let your hotel know your travel plans, especially when going for hikes.

Travel Expenses

The cost of your Saputara trip will depend on your travel style and preferences. However, a budget traveller might need ₹2,000 to ₹4,000 a day per head, including all the essentials like stay, food, and transport charges. 


Nestled amidst enchanting landscapes, Saputara offers a unique blend of peace, adventure, and culture. From calm lakes and rushing waterfalls to vibrant tribal traditions and delicious local fare, this hidden gem promises you a memorable escape. So, breathe in the fresh mountain air and discover the magic of Saputara.

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