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Hey explorer,

Since I was a kid, I have heard that the Himalayas grow by some inches each year. I do not know how factual it is, but the Himalayas have always had a special place in my heart and of course bucket list. You know the Himalayan mountains always disturb my mood each time I travel.

Therefore, I took time from my busy life this time only to explore one of the hidden Himalayan areas (also the mountain), and trust me, the experience was so good that I am soon planning another Himalayan Trip. Wanna know which place I have been to? It's Yusmarg in Jammu & Kashmir.

Why Yusmarg?

Let's say coming home tired is your everyday routine. The moment when you set your foot out of the office, school, or college gives you relief, and all you ever want then is to feel your bed. But sometimes, you crave a quieter escape, a place to breathe the fresh mountain air and soak in nature. 

That's where Yusmarg comes in. Often called the "Meadow of Jesus," this lesser-known gem offers a peaceful retreat amidst stretched lush lands, towering pines, and the marvellous presence of the Himalayas.

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Soaked in myths and historical essence, the natives believe that the name of the place has come from the mythical King Yusa, who is said to have visited the area with his horse. Over the centuries, Yusmarg has seen the influences of various dynasties, including the Mughals and the Dogras

Yusmarg sits in the Pir Panjal Range, where lush fields, dense pine and fir forests, and clean rivers make it one of the most beautiful lands on earth. What makes it even more enchanting is the peacefulness you feel sitting there, watching the breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks. 

Just like its landscape, the culture of Yusmarg is unique, with a blend of Kashmiri, Gujjar, and Pahari cultures. The locals celebrate Eid, Lohri, and Navroz with broad smiles as they greet their dearest ones. With many cultural influences, Kashmiri and Urdu are the primary languages here

Also, people in most tourist places can speak English and Hindi. Yet, here are the basic phrases you should know in both the primary languages to bridge the gap. 

  • Kashmiri

- Waath chuukh (വാথ ڇوخ) - Hello/ Hi (Informal)
- Yakh chhu (یَخ چُھ) - How are you? (Informal)
- Wuchhu hoon (وُچھُ ہوون) - I am fine. (Informal)
- Kya khabar (کیا خبر) - What's the news? (Formal)
- Tschi theavvum (ڇِہِ تھیووم) - Please come in.
- Aasan (آسان) - Thank you.
- Kaeh hyo (کَےہ ہیو) - What is this?
- Kon דר (kon dor) - Where is...?
- Mujaey samjhyan (مُجَیہ سَمجھین) - I don't understand.
- Wodar zaan (وُدَر زان) - See you later. (Literally: May we meet again)
- Tsaer chhuvoum (تسہِ چھُووم) - Please sit down.
- Asta laav (آستہ لاو) - Please bring... (followed by the object you want)
- Baekh chhu (بےیخ چُھ) - I am hungry.
- Yim chu barad (یِم چُھ برٛاد) - It's cold.

  • Urdu

- جی ہاں (Ji Haan) - Yes (respectful)
- نہیں (Nahin) - No
- شکریہ (Shukriya) - Thank you
- آپ کا دن بخیر (Aap ka din bakhair) - Good day (respectful)
- کیا حال (Kya haal) - How are you? (informal)
- میں ठीक ہوں (Main theek hoon) - I'm fine (informal)
- براہِ مہربانی (Barae meherbani) - Please (respectful)
- آپ (Aap) - You (respectful, singular)
- کیا بات ہے؟ (Kya baat hai?) - What's the matter?
- خدا حافظ (Khuda Hafiz) - Goodbye (respectful)
- کب آئیں گے؟ (Kab aayenge?) - When are you coming? (informal)
- کیا آپ چائے پئیں گے؟ (Kya aap chaay piyenge?) - Would you like some tea?
- گھومت لیں؟ (Ghoomen?) - Shall we go for a walk? (informal)
- مجھے معلوم نہیں ہے (Mujhe maloom nahin hai) - I don't know.
- کوئی بات نہیں (Koi baat nahin) - No problem. (informal)

The climatic conditions of Yusmarg don't count when touring the place unless you want to enjoy it in specific climatic conditions. Summers are mild and hot, winters are cold with pouring snow, and monsoon turns the place into a green paradise. 

Discovery Checklist

I know you must be confused about choosing a place from the list of places we share here because of the same nature theme. You know what? That's the beauty of any hidden place with minimal human contact. 

And if you still do not get it, although these places are nature-based, their ability to provide certain things makes them unique from all other nature-based places. Therefore, here are a few things you must do to get the most out of your Yusmarg trip. 

- Spend some calm time boating in the Nilnag Lake.
- Enjoy walks or horse rides through the lush fields.
- Get your souls up by trekking to Sang-e-Safed Valley.
- Take a peaceful picnic at the banks of the Doodh Ganga River

And the must visit nearby places include:

- Tosa Maidan - 78.6 km away
- Charar-e-Sharief - 17 km approx
- Charar-e-Sharief Golf Course - 17 km away

While you are enjoying the beauty of Yusmarg, do not forget to support the locals by purchasing things as souvenirs, such as Pashmina ShawlsKashmiri handicrafts like wooden carvings and other jewellery, and most importantly, dry fruits and saffron

Travel Itinerary

Note: This is a general itinerary, combining cultural experiences and adventure. It provides a well-rounded exploration of this hidden gem. You can make adjustments as per your preferences, local events, and weather conditions.

A Guide to WH Questions


The nearest railway station is Budgam Railway Station (47 km away), and the closest airbase is Srinagar International Airport (50 km away). From there, you have several options like prepaid taxis and shared cabs, or you can also travel by the state-run buses, Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC). 


From luxury resorts to cheap hotels, there are accommodation options for every type of traveller. So, here are a few options we think are better and reasonable for a night stay. However, the prices aren't open on the web, and you must contact the property owner to check the room availability. 

  • Hotels 

- Lake View Cottage - It's a 5-star rating hotel. 
- Zeezayn Huts & Resorts - It's a 3.8-star rating resort. 
- Sangarmal Hotel and Restaurant - It's a 4.3-star rating hotel. 

  • Eateries

- Bistro Boulevard - Best for pan Indian foods
- Ahdoos Restaurant - Best for non-veg items
- Stream Restaurant - Best for North Indian Foods

Kashmiri cuisine is a delicious blend of spices, meats, and vegetables. Here are some mouth-watering dishes you must never miss:

- Rogan Josh: It's a slow-cooked lamb dish with fragrant spices.
- Harisa: It's a rich meat stew with an unusual flavour.
- Kashmiri Saag: It's a spinach dish with fennel seeds and meat.
- Kahwa: It's a soothing green tea infused with saffron and spices.
- Kabuli Pulao: Fragrant rice cooked with lamb, nuts, and raisins. 

Travel Tips

- Opt for long sleeves and pants to avoid mosquito bites during evenings.
- Carry cash because the card system might not be available everywhere. 
- Bargaining is customary at local shops and for taxi rides. Do it politely.
- Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and necessary medication.

Safety Tips

- Stay alert in crowded areas, especially at bus stops and marketplaces.
- Dispose of waste responsibly and avoid littering to preserve the beauty.
- Keep updated on weather forecasts, especially during monsoons.
- If going on challenging hikes or unfamiliar paths, consider hiring a local guide for better navigation and safety.

Travel Expenses

The cost of your Yusmarg trip depends on your travel style and chosen experiences. The general overview of the expenses of a budget traveller is ₹3,500 to ₹5,000 a day per person, in which the stay prices are higher. 


Yusmard will indeed not be what you expect. Although the lush lands are incredible, the place is more like a feeling - feelings that make you sad as you leave it behind with every step taken further. Yusmarg will surprise, soothe, and leave you wanting more. Trust me, Yusmarg is more than just a pretty picture. It's an experience you have to try for yourself.

Did this edition meet your expectations?

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