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the least visited place in Himachal Pradesh

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Let's be honest and tell yourself how many times you curse your stressful life. Every time you do something that involves more effort, other issues in life overlap and make you mutter that you need a long break from all this. 

Those are the moments when your adrenalin levels are high, and you want to go on a trip. Again, when you think you are stressed, you want to take a tour for peace. When you feel low, you want an adventurous plan, and goes on. 

So, considering all these, there is a place called Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh. What is unique about it, and how can you enjoy this hidden gem? Let's find it out. 

Why Narkanda?

We live in a fast-moving world, and trying to cope with every fast-moving thing always results in tired evenings and eyes that say, "Rest and some peace are all I need now." 

Let's say you wanted to escape stress to get peace or turn your sleepy work table into an energy and creativity booster. What if I tell you that a hidden gem, Narkanda, is a one-stop destination for all your quests? 

Yes, winter can boost your spirits through adventurous activities, summers can give you pleasantness, and monsoons can chill your spine.

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How about we learn something each time we discover a new place or break down the history of a place you might have heard once at least?

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Himachal Pradesh is also known as

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Narkanda's story goes back a long way. While the exact date of its origin remains unknown, people have lived here since the British Raj era. Some believe Narkanda comes from "Nar," meaning pomegranate, and "Kanda," meaning valley, hinting at the area's past fruit abundance.

Sitting on a mountain shelf, Narkanda is at a height of almost 9,000 feet (2708 meters). Surrounded by the stunning panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, this hill station will leave you speechless.

Just as captivating as the nature of Narkanda, so are the locals' culture and warmth. Narkanda's culture is a beautiful blend of Hindu and Tibetan influences. Wherever you go, people welcome you with friendly smiles, and the welcoming atmosphere will only impress you. 

Hindi is the primary language spoken in Narkanda, making transmission easy for most visitors from India. However, you might also want to learn some phrases in Kinnauri, a local dialect people use in this region. Some Kinnaui phrases are:

- Julley (जूली): Hello/Namaste
- Kam re? (कम रे?): How are you?
- Chang the wang (चांग थे वांग): I am fine.
- Tashi Delek (ताशी देलेक): Good luck/Best wishes
- Kinnauri chhe? (किन्नौरी छे?): Do you speak Kinnauri?
- Nguchi (ङुची): Thank you
- Khamma (खम्मा): Please
- Chhyaa (छ्या): Yes
- Na (ना): No
- Su (सू): Water
- Khap (खाप): Eat
- Tashi (ताशी): Come
- Shol (शोल): Go
- Sangpo (सांगपो): Excuse me
- Thoda Kinnauri samjhta hoon (थोड़ा किन्नौरी समझता हूँ): I understand a little Kinnauri.

Narkanda has different seasons. Summers (April to June) are pleasant, with comfortable temperatures. Winters (December to February) will transform the town into a snowy wonderland, while monsoon (July to September) brings pouring rain. 

Discovery Checklist

One of the beauties of North Indian hill stations is that every season is a celebration where you can enjoy the unique benefits each season brings. Narkanda is one of those places with various experiences, and here are a few things you must do while you are here. 

- Enjoy the mountains skiing.
- Trek to the sacred Hatu Peak
- Explore apple orchards in Kotgarh

And the nearest places you can pay a visit are:

- Hatu Peak (4 km)
- Tannu Jabbar Lake (5 km)
- Mahamaya Temple (7 km)
- Stokes Farm (1 km)
- Kufri (32 km)
- Shimla (60 km)

Visiting a hilly and chilly area like this and returning home empty-handed? Uh ah! Ensure you buy home some souvenirs like woollen shawls, wooden items and jewellery. At any cost, do not miss apples and apple edibles like jams, jellies, and apple cider. 

Travel Itinerary

Note: This is a general itinerary, combining cultural experiences and adventure. It provides a well-rounded exploration of this hidden gem. You can make adjustments as per your preferences, local events, and weather conditions.

A Guide to WH Questions


Narkanda itself does not have either an airport or a railway station. Yet, the nearest railway station is Shimla Railway Station (64 km), and the closest airports are Shimla Airport (80 km) and Chandigarh International Airport (180 km). 

You can hire a cab from Shimla or Chandigarh or take a state-run bus to Narkanda. The journey will take you through some of the unforgettable scenic views of the Himalayas that will drop your jaw in awe. 


Narkanda, of course, can pamper you with some of the best stay options and eateries. Although most accommodations might have in-house diners, check out some hotel and eateries options below. 

  • Accommodation

- Hotel Mountain Nest - It's a 4.5-star rating hotel.
- V Resorts Tikker - It's a 4.5-star rating resort. 
- Dyar Koul - It's a 5-star rating hotel. 

  • Eateries

- Shyam Bhojnalaya - Best for North Indian veg food. 
- Hotel Mahamaya Palace - Best for North Indian veg and nonveg items. 
- The New Himalaya Negi Dhaba - Best for North veg and nonveg items. 

- Siddu: Steamed buns filled with stuffing like potatoes or lentils.
- Kullu Trout: It's a freshwater fish dish cooked in various styles.
- Thenk (Chha): Yogurt-based drink flavoured with fruits or spices. 
- Dham: A classic Himachali Thali with vegetarian dishes, rice, and lentils.

Travel Tips

- Pack various clothes as the weather can be unpredictable here. 
- Do not forget to carry the warm and cold environment body lotions. 
- Card payments may not be available everywhere. So, carry some cash. 
- Narkanda is a hilly area. Ensure your footwear is flexible to rough floors. 

Safety Tips

- Only go for treks through known and marked trails. 
- Prefer semi-traditional wear when visiting places like Hatu Peak. 
- Be aware of potential symptoms of altitude sickness, like nausea. 
- Let someone know about your trekking path, especially when going alone.

Travel Expenses

The cost of your Narkanda trip depends on your travel style. Budget travellers can find reasonable hotels, eat at local restaurants, and use public transport. Luxury seekers may go for premium stays, fine dining, and private cabs. 

On average, a budget traveller might need ₹2,000 to ₹4,000 a day per head, while lavish travellers might need ₹3,000 to ₹6,000 a day per head. 


Narkanda is the best place for travellers seeking an escape from the ordinary. Nestled in the Himalayas, it offers adventure (skiing, trekking), cultural immersion (temples, handicrafts), and peaceful beauty (apple orchards, mountain views). Whether you crave a thrill or a quiet retreat, Narkanda has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, come to Narkanda, and enjoy time for yourself. 

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