😥 Can You Hike This Highest Peak in Mizoram?

Phawngpui peak - The Adventure Lies Here

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Do you remember how we started exploring India with South India?

I still feel like it was yesterday, yet we moved all the way to the other side of the country, East India, with passion and adventure spirits. With a few more states left to complete our India trip, we visited Mizoram last week.

This time, we wanted to experience what an adventure feels like. So, we explored one of the unexplored peaks and the highest mountain of Mizoram - Phawngpui Peak. Buy why?

Why Visit Phawngpui Peak?

Source: Nomadic Northeast

Phawngpui Peak is like entering a magical kingdom where nature paints its most outstanding masterpiece. Every step you take here feels like a dance with the mountains, revealing ancient stories and captivating tales woven into the very fabric of the landscape. 

Honestly, it is more than just a trek. It is a heart-to-heart connection with the soulful Mizo culture and a visual feast of breathtaking panoramas. 

Standing at the summit, welcomed by the wind and surrounded by awe-inspiring views, you realize you have stepped into a world where time stands still and your heart finds its rhythm.

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  • History

Phawngpui Peak, often called the "Blue Mountain" or the "Abode of Gods," has a captivating history with the rich Mizo culture. The local Mizo people believe this is a sacred place and a home to human spirits. 

Beyond the fictional tales, history tells that the peak has been a notable landmark for the indigenous people, serving as a navigation point and a source of inspiration.

  • Geography

Situated in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Phawngpui Peak stands proudly as the highest point in Mizoram, reaching an elevation of approximately 2,165 meters (7,103 feet) above sea level. 

Dense forests, steep valleys, and rushing streams create the landscapes. While the hiking trails offer breathtaking views, the air becomes crisper, and the sights are more captivating when descending the mountain. 

  • Local Culture

The lifestyle of people surrounding Phawnpui Peak shows Mizoram's unique cultural identity through their festivals like the Hmuifang Tlang Festival and Chapchar Kut, rituals, music, dance, and more. 

What makes this place even more attractive is the art and craftsmanship of locals, where most people around the peak still live in Mizo huts made with bamboo and thatch. 

  • Language Used

The local and state language of Mizoram, Mizo, echoes through the hills surrounding Phawngpui Peak. It is a Tibeto-Burman language on which daily activities depend. 

Since it is the most rural area, most locals do not use English, Hindi, or any other language. Talking with locals in their native language adds a personal touch to the journey.

  • Climatic Conditions

Phawngpui Peak's climatic conditions are unstable, so travellers must come here prepared for different climatic situations. While going up the hill increases the temperature, getting down to the ground can lower it. 

While March to May is the pleasant summer, November to February are the winter months with chilly weather, and June to September are the monsoon months with heavy rainfall. 

Therefore, Phawngpui is a year-round destination, bringing its charm every season and attracting different travellers. 

Discovery Checklist

Must-Do Things

  • Summit Hike

The primary attraction is the trek to the summit of Phawngpui Peak. The journey takes you through dense forests, offering glimpses of exotic flora and fauna and the views once you reach the top are just stunning.

  • Explore the Chhimtuipui River

Near Phawngpui lies the Chhimtuipui River, called the "River of Death." Despite its terrifying name, the river offers calm surroundings, while the crystal-clear waters and the lush greenery make it a peaceful retreat.

  • Visit Vantawng Falls

A short distance from Phawngpui, Vantawng Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Mizoram. The falling waters amidst the fresh landscapes create a mesmerizing sight, making it a place worth exploring. 

Nearby Places to Visit

  • Hmuifang Tlang

This scenic location at 207 km is known for its picturesque terrains and is a hub for eco-tourism. The Hmuifang Tlang Reserve offers more trekking options, showcasing the region's biodiversity.

  • Reiek Tlang

Within 11 hour's distance, Reiek Tlang offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The Reiek Tlang Festival, celebrated here, provides a unique opportunity to witness traditional Mizo festivities.

Must Buy Things

  • Mizo Handicrafts

Known for their detailed handmade arts and crafts, check out the local markets in the nearby village or town for traditional Mizo knives, wooden artefacts, handmade jewellery, and clothes to carry home Mizo vibes. 

  • Bamboo Products

Being a hilly area on the Eastern side, you will find several bamboo things, including baskets, mats, and utensils. Buy one of these, not only to carry home as a souvenir but also to support the local sellers. 

Travel Itinerary


Getting to Phawngpui Peak involves a journey through the picturesque landscapes of Mizoram. The primary mode of transportation is by road. Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, serves as the gateway to Phawngpui. 

You can opt for private or state-run buses, providing a comfortable and scenic drive to the base of the peak. Also, taxis and personal vehicles are available for a more personalized journey. 

You can fly or take a train to the state's capital city and then take public transportation or a taxi to reach the peak. Yet we advise you to check the road conditions, especially during the monsoon season, and plan thus.


Phawngpui Peak is one of the remote and hilly areas where human touch can be minimal in the off hours. Although comfortable stays aren't open near the park, several options exist in the district where the peak is lying, Lawngtlai District. Check out the government's link below:

Apart from these, all the available options are at a minimum distance of more than 30 km. 

Best Eateries

While the options may be limited in the surroundings, the local establishments near Phawngpui Peak offer a taste of authentic Mizo cuisine. Here are a couple of recommendations:

Grace Order Hotel - Best for breakfast and lunch (East Indian type).

Mizo cuisine is a delightful blend of flavours. Some popular dishes include:

  • Bamboo Shoot Curry: A staple in Mizo households, this curry is a flavorful blend of bamboo shoots, pork, and various spices.

  • Thenthuk: A noodle soup that reflects the Tibetan influence in Mizo cuisine, often made with meat and vegetables.

  • Sawhchiar: A traditional Mizo breakfast dish made with pounded rice and served with side dishes like chutneys and pickles.

Travel Tips

  • Dress in Layers: Due to varying altitudes, temperatures can change rapidly. Dressing in layers ensures a smooth trip for various climatic conditions.

  • Pack Essentials: Carry sufficient water, snacks, and any necessary medications, especially if you plan to trek to the summit. The journey might take several hours, and provisions may be limited.

  • Respect Local Customs: Mizoram has a rich cultural heritage, and it is crucial to respect local customs and traditions. Seek permission before taking photographs, especially in villages.

Safety Tips

  • Trekking Caution: If planning to trek to the summit, ensure you are physically prepared. Wear comfortable shoes and be cautious while navigating the trails.

  • Weather Awareness: Keep track of weather conditions, especially during the monsoon season. Heavy rainfall can make trekking trails slippery and challenging.

  • Local Guidance: If unfamiliar with the terrain, consider hiring a local guide, as they possess knowledge of the area and can boost your overall experience.

Travel Expenses

Mizoram, in general, offers a budget-friendly travel experience. Yet, considering all the travel options, from round-trip expenses to stays and food to souvenirs, you might need ₹2,000 to ₹3,000 per day for a person


Phawngpui Peak in Mizoram is like stepping into a dream where nature's wonders meet vibrant culture. The journey, with its mystical history and breathtaking landscapes, is a soul-stirring adventure. Immersing in local stories, enjoying Mizo flavours, and exploring nearby gems create unforgettable memories.

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